Meteoric Truth or Consequences NM

October 18th, 19th and 20th 2019 in sunny downtown Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

“Hello, we’ve been waiting for you!”

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Welcome to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Exploring the town and the surrounding desert becomes an act of time travel, transporting you to the past and offering glimpses into possible futures.

Everyone you meet, residents and transients, has a story to tell. Everyone brings gifts to share and insights to exchange. Each conversation opens a door to another reality as each person contains a whole universe.

Everyone Welcome. All walks, all faiths, all people just bring your light and your good heart.

At the festival, small but profound moments reveal our interconnectedness as part of a greater whole. Every work of art serves as a portal and each experience leads to another in an unbroken chain of cause and effect.

Categories of experience presented will include: film, immersive theater, live storytelling, virtual reality, music and sound improvisation, movement and light, food and medicine, world-building, rituals and magic, time-capsules, and group activities. Some works might last sixty seconds while others span decades or centuries. Artists will create work on-site, drawing inspiration from the landscape and culture.

This is a place of creation and exploration, of living works of art, proposals, hypothetical projects, and processes of collaborative envisioning that do not have a clear beginning and end. All of these stories and experiences point outward and engage us in dialogue with nature, culture, and each other.

This festival promotes art that welcomes participation.


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