Meteoric Truth of Consequences brings people together to create the world we wish to live in: a world where we break free of familiar patterns and make new connections; a world where we find magic in the everyday, and share experiences with one another; a world where we celebrate life with childlike wonder, and dream together with eyes wide open.

Entering the festival, we embark on a quixotic journey with a belief that anything is possible; the life you most desire for yourself and others is attainable, and you are not alone in seeking it. Situated in and around the town, this is a film festival turned inside out. Rather than watching a movie, you’re living in it. Your experience of this oasis becomes the work of art. Each moment presents an invitation to try something new and unfamiliar, to be challenged to feel something you haven’t felt before, to listen deeply, and expand your perception. The process is the destination. 

Exploring the town and the surrounding desert becomes an act of time travel, transporting you to the past and offering glimpses into possible futures. Everyone you meet, residents and transients, has a story to tell. Everyone brings gifts to share and insights to exchange. Each conversation opens a door to another reality as each person contains a whole universe. At the festival, small but profound moments reveal our interconnectedness as part of a greater whole. Every work of art serves as a portal and each experience leads to another in an unbroken chain of cause and effect. Categories of experience presented will include: film, immersive theater, live storytelling, virtual reality, food and medicine, world building, rituals and magic, time-capsules, and group activities. Some works might last sixty seconds while others span decades or centuries. Artists will create work on site, drawing inspiration from the landscape and culture. This is a place of creation and exploration, of living works of art, proposals, hypothetical projects, and processes of collaborative envisioning that do not have a clear beginning and end. All of these stories and experiences point outward, and engage us in dialogue with nature, culture, and each other. This festival promotes art that welcomes participation. 

Here, we celebrate the creative contributions of each person in this living and breathing community. Our mission is to form new connections, and enlarge our sense of what is possible: to help this community sustain itself by staying true to its values, and invite others to be a part of that journey. You will have the opportunity to make new friends, meet new collaborators, and generate new visions. Everyone who enters the town participates in the co-creation of a continuously unfolding, interactive, and transformative experience that we’re collectively imagining and sharing. 

We make it up as we go along, inventing through play. In the process of getting lost together, we rediscover the joy of being alive. In telling stories and enjoying meals together, we reconnect to what matters. You will be an integral part of this creative experiment, and contribute to the emergence of a place where imagination spills into reality; where life and art freely intermingle; where surprising discoveries, spontaneous conversations, and unexpected interactions have the potential to change the course of your life or reaffirm your unrealized intentions. It is about finding meaningful connections where least expected. It is about discovering the very thing that you didn’t know you were missing. It is about traveling to the edges of the earth to find yourself back where you started. 

A utopia is a place that exists only in the minds of those who believe in it. In this way Meteoric Truth of Consequences is everywhere and nowhere, shared by each one of us who embraces this sublime possibility, and carries it with us wherever we go.