MeTeORiC 2024


6PM Meteoric Grand Opening

6:00PM (Corner of Date St & 1st Ave) Artist Abbey MeTeORiC Opening Reception
6:30PM Dash Rabbit (Bisbee, AZ)
SUNSET Danny Michael & Gorilla
7:30PM Tatsuya Nakatani Percussion(TorC, NM)  8:30PM Simon Spencer (Bisbee, AZ)
9:30PM Tamela Turtle (Bisbee, AZ) 

6:00PM (424 N Broadway) Lunaticus MeTeORiC Opening Reception
6:30PM Tamela Turtle (Bisbee, AZ)
7:30PM @count.constantin (TorC, NM) and Tamela Turtle(Bisbee, AZ) Colab
8:30PM Tatsuya Nakatani Percussion (TorC, NM)

Joint Opening reception of two group shows featuring the work of artists from around the region. Please come kick off our festival celebrating the progressive in art and welcome these amazing artists into our community.

The shows feature visual artists from around the Desert Southwest as well as solo music performances by Dash Rabbit, Mike Montoya, Simon Spencer & Tamala Turtle


9:48AM (Main & Foch regions) Open House: Gallery 303, Grapes Gallery, Light of the Soul Gallery, The Center Gallery

10:25AM (303 Main) Buckhorn Stage Music Performance by Simon Spencer (Bisbee, AZ)

11:00AM (Departure 303 Main) Lady Bird Micro Parade lead by Tamala Turtle and Katie Mastrangelo (Bisbee, AZ)

11:05AM (201 S Foch) The Center Gallery Fine Art
10:30AM, 1PM Live Forging by Ashe Cravenock(TorC, NM)
11:05AM Tamela Turtle (Bisbee, AZ)
11:20AM Simon Spencer (Bisbee, AZ)
12PM Live Chainsaw Carving by Janina (TorC, NM)
Simon Spencer show continues.

11:30AM (415 N Broadway) Zia Gallery
Tamela Turtle Performance Outside.

11:45AM (422 N Broadway) Ingo’s Art Cafe 
Tamela Turtle Performance Continues

12:00AM (110 N Broadway) Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery Open House & the final destination of the world famouse Lady Bird Micro Parade

1:00PM (404 N Broadway) Fuzzy Logic
Light, Color, Silence
Video & Photography Show Opening
Poetry Readings: Hills Snyder (Magdelana, NM), Olivia Pepper (Hillsborogh, NM)

3:00PM (324 N Broadway) Snakestone Studios
Art and Multimedia Showcase
3:00-5:00 Hei Bai Tea Temple
3:30 Music, Spoken Word, and Visual Accompaniment by Mushroom Mirror
4:00 Film Screening “Cancer Cat” by Heart of an Astronaught (Shannon Belock)
4:30 Music by Dash Rabbit (Bisbee, AZ)

5:00PM (410 N Broadway) MeTeORic Potluck at Truth or Consequences BrewingYou are invited to join us in co-creating a meal to share with the amazing artists of our festival. Bring your best DISH!

7:00PM (312 Main) Truth or Consequences Contemporary
Grand Opening Ceremony “Home”
7:00 Dance Performances by: Abigail Flora, Cydney Wilkes, Jeannie Ortiz, Avi Burg, Chris Slate, Joshua Cravens
7:30 Poetry by Lucas Beau Leone 
7:40 DJ Christina Swilley
9:00 Performance by Hieronymus Bogs

10:00PM (410 N Broadway) After Party Truth or Consequences Brewing With DJ Fuzzy Logic


9AM (Corner of Date St & 1st Ave) Artist Abbey 9:45 walk departure

11AM (517 Austin) Austin Art Community 
“Presently Now” by Olin West.
Music performances by David Clare Besag and Old Pup (Milwaekee, WI)
Spoken Word by Olin West

4PM (410 N Broadway) Open Mic Truth or Consequences Brewing Co.