what is meteoric?

Meteoric is an arts and film festival in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It’s free and open to all with film screenings, workshops, art installations, performances, facilitated conversations, public forums, and collective meals. It’s a collaboration between a diverse group of acclaimed artists and storytellers from Truth or Consequences and around the world who have worked intimately since 2018 to re-envision what a community led festival could be.

Read a collective interview with Sundance Institute here (scroll down!)

the dream, the commitment

Meteoric is committed to building a world based on collaboration, self-expression and community leadership. Truth or Consequences is the first iteration of a model that has the power to change how communities work together, how art can directly impact the sustainability of places, and how people from diverse backgrounds can learn from each other and create together. 

Truth or Consequences is the 22nd poorest town in the US according to a 2019 study. The town is at the crossroads of gentrification that risks destroying what makes it so special, or being left behind by the world economy. Many small towns are in a similar situation. The potential impact of Meteoric is the creation of a different future. We believe it’s possible to build a sustainable future out of what makes us who we are, what we’re proud of, what we’re committed to.

We’re building a festival where you’re not just transported through art, but the very act of showing up transports you. We’re building a festival that aims to shift the model for economic growth in small towns. We’re building a festival dedicated to transforming the way we listen and connect to one another. We’re building a festival on the core tenets of great art: unconstrained, always transforming, playful, deeply thoughtful, and conversational. We’re building a festival that is building the kind of world we want to live in.